Jim Barbaro
Former Magnetics lead guitarist/vocalist Jim Barbaro is one of the last true romantics. After recording two albums with the popular North Atlantic group Magnetics, Barbaro goes it alone with three solo albums under his belt, finding his groove and niche as a world rock artist.
Frederik Doci
Frederik is the voice heard around the world — a voice of the ages. He is a poet, a statesman, a gypsy and an impressario. He sings in six different languages in three distinct vocal ranges. He is indeed the “Nightingale of Canterina,” as he spins an international and classical milieu of romance, passion, and melody.
George Gesner Project (GGP)
The debut release for GAG Order Records is a producer compilation project featuring the top performers of southwestern USA. With the late 80s rock sound, the CD has a second life with airplay on MTV.
Various Artists/Smashville
Prism Escape Music presents 16 country smashes from an alternate universe. The exhibits include line-dancing swingfests, flamenco fandangles, galactic pop ballads, and westerns channeling Roy Orbison.